Our approach towards investing is based on seven key philosophies

Preserve wealth first

When it comes to investing, the default position should always be to play it safe. We’ll only take risk where it is needed or wanted.

Transparency is key when building trust

We always remember that it’s your money and not ours. We give you complete transparency of your investments at all times.

Play the long game, don't chase trends or fads

Emotion and ego get in the way of good decision making and can result in hasty decisions. We have a tong-term market view and don’t overreact to short-term news.

Cash is safe, everything else has risk

In order to grow, investments require some level of risk. Any risk we take has to have a purpose.

Leave the rollercoaster ride to real life, not investing

We work hard to make smart decisions, not reckless decisions, with your investments.

Control investment costs

We seek investments that are good value for money, whilst still gaining you returns and managing your exposure to risk.

Change is inevitable, be ahead of the curve

Holding the same allocation to capital stable investments across the economic cycle is not appropriate. Sometimes we have to play it safe, and sometimes we have to be brave.